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Enoch Diary

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Digital Content Publishing, Promotion and Distribution

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The Enoch Diary is a client centered platform that will Publish, Promote and Distribute(locally and globally), contents ranging from Books; eBooks; Music; Movies; App; Software; Games; Art/Crafts; News; Events/Tickets; Courses and Certificates, using digital and traditional means. The platform will also be used to play, download, and organize digital multimedia files, including books, music and video; on mobile devices and computers running the Android, macOS and Windows operating systems. Content will be digitally protected, preserved and made available for purchase through an Enoch Diary web and social media stores and partner/participating stores in a global distribution arrangement; whereas Enoch Diary will provide the software that will allow users analyze and manage sales and downloads. The platform will also offer safe and affordable cloud storage and hosting services for content owners, developers and businesses. Prior to this time, we have worked traditionally but now want to take our business online in every sphere possible. We now have a subscriber base of about 200,000+ these have been built over the years (via second-party platforms such as kikiconnect and the likes) and who are interested to receive emails and sms from us. We would be charging our customers an upfront fee for publishing per item and pay royalties of between 40% - 60% to clients who publish with us. Our technology enables clients to Manage payment methods, shipping, reporting options, place Bulk Orders on Selected Products and Deals for Business Customers. Our team work hard to deliver quality services that make it worth the while. Our team combined, bring to the table, over 16 years’ worth of computer programming (software and web development); content management; and marketing(field, affiliate, social media and search engine marketing) experience.


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