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Welcome to NaturFund, a platform where people create and invest on projects. NaturFund connects project owners with investors. You can either create a project or invest in one.

To create a project, Register and login with your email address and password. Then click the "Start" link to go create your project/business. Fill in the blank spaces with profound project information and click the "Create Project" button to submit project for approval by the admin.

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Project Owners

A project owner is one that owns one or more projects on NaturFund. The moment you create a project and it is been approved, you're automatically a project owner.


An investor is one that let his or her money work. An investor funds a project on NaturFund in the form of investment i.e. he or she will recieve dividend from the project's profit.


A philanthropist is someone who donates his or her time, money, and/or reputation to projects or charitable causes.


A member is one who is registered on NaturFund and engages in project support by backing and sharing projects via social and other media.

NaturFund Team

This is the team behind the platform. They put up this community for the benefit of mankind and to make the world of business and enterpreurship easier and faster. They work so hard everyday to realize this purpose.

NaturFund Forum

Visit the NaturFund Forum is discuss interesting topics concerning your project and purpose in life. You can create a topic and others will join the discussion