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by Ikay Onyia in Abuja, Nigeria


EasyLaundry.com.ng is a platform designed to handle laundry pick-up and delivery. We are affiliated with several laundry outlets around Gwarimpa and Life camp Abuja. In accordance with our customer’s request, we rapidly pick up laundry from the customer’s abode to the nearest or preferred laundry outlet as specified during their order on our reliable and easy-to-use online platform. Also, we make sure to deliver the clean laundry back to the customer’s doorstep at the specified time range.

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The plan is to create an Uber kind of platform for laundry system in Nigeria and maybe Africa. Our delivery services on our platform works based on the registered laundry outlets. In cases where they offer delivery services, we charge 25% of the total service plus the laundry fee. However, in cases when they do not offer delivery services, we take charge of the delivery plus 25% on the laundry fee. Furthermore, the delivery fee usually range from one thousand to two thousand naria depending on the distance from the customer’s home to the preferred laundry outlet. Therefore, the farther the distance of delivery, the higher the delivery fee. This means that the payment for delivery to a particular outlet is based on the distance from their respective location to the requested laundry outlet. However, when the customer does not request a particular laundry outlet, the charges will be based on the distance between our office and the location of the customer.



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Nice business concept 👌

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