The Amazing Science Show (An opera with exciting experiments)

by Otitoola Obafemi




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The Amazing Science Show (An opera with exciting experiments)

by Otitoola Obafemi in


The primary focus of this project is to engage, educate and empower the general public specifically young children and teenagers, stimulating their curiosity and inspiring science learning in everyone by creating fun and memorable experiences. The Amazing Science Show is a dynamic show where science takes its most delightful and captivating form. It is a stage production filled with fascinating and astonishing experimental demonstrations, all set to music. The show will include live demonstration of basic scientific concepts that shape our understanding of the world, exciting and familiar classroom experiments elucidated and illuminated. All while singing! This incredible project is all about a musical celebration of science, with lyrics/libretto created from the words of scientists, science writers and science teachers, performed as songs with live experiments. With audience involvement and so much fun, science in its most electrifying form is clearly communicated using...

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Your generous support can help us in many ways. The Amazing Science Show has been performed at few places in Nigeria. These are shown in the pictures. We solicit your financial and moral support as we desire to take “The Amazing Science Show” to a greater height thereby effectively communicating science to the general public most especially young children and teenagers who are our target audience. What do we get when we combine two common but mysterious elements: Opera and Science? My hypothesis: Science + Opera = Edutainment “An entertaining, sometimes poetic and didactic concoction made up of song, science lectures and demonstrations”



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