Center for Pan Africanism Black Jesus Traditional Church

by Chief Anthony Tosan Prest




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Center for Pan Africanism Black Jesus Traditional Church

by Chief Anthony Tosan Prest in 1c, Admiralty Road, off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1


We are custodians of the great history of African people and culture and traditional wellness.

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The project is a center for Pan Africanism, Black Jesus Church and Wellness center akin to the open-minded and progressive solidarity experienced in places like Bahia, Brazil where all religions including the African – Yoruba expressions of the divine are accepted and not vilified as dark, evil, etc to the point now where Native Portugues Brazilians are adopting these ancient traditions that mind you predate the Bible and Qurans writing. We intend for the energy of the center to be a beacon of connectivity, education, healing, hope, psychological reparation of the mind-body and soul et al and to begin what I believe is a very needed move by Africans and most pertinently Nigerians at home and in Diaspora along with any other west African or African nation that was heavily affected by the colonial – imperialist encounters, we must reconnect with our lost children taken away so many moons ago and readdress the social injustices and most importantly go back to our lost essence which is our culture and spirituality it forms these pockets o consciousness that Nation or Kingdomhood is built al Asian, European state but if we track anthropologically, economically and intellectually without bias all have origin or intersecting points with Africa at one point in their own societal evolution. Last year was 400 hundred years since the official abolition of slavery and Nigeria as a key landmass where a lot of our people were taken from didn’t do anything worth mentioning while our sister – brothers in Ghana took the lead. I commend the president and Ghanaian people for such an initiative but now other Key African states must rise to the clarion call and get this much needed reconnecting done. We have seen this in the music and movie industries mist recently the creative, fashion, and theatrical and there is so much more but the elders and government need to do what is not only right but what is necessary to create enabling environments and situations for annual or periodic travel, job creation, etc. REASONS FOR FUNDS Artisans & Craftsmen Art murals and ancillary projects African herbs & Holistic products Database for DNA testing Hiring key consultants, experts et al, from time to time, to be on the project board. The hotels interior upgrade by artists and interior designers Library (Digital & Physical) Curated Events, Seminars, and Workshops Theatrical Shows Movie & Music based Research & Development of important concepts, scientific needs and products ABOUT THE GRANT – PATRON SYSTEM I believe a critical aspect to this truly having a reverberating effect would be the setting up of a grants system with bodies of executives and philanthropists for the arts, business, creative, tech and hospitality industries is very much needed as African – Black capital must now become invested in African – Nigerian efforts no longer should large capital bases and funding be taken out of Africa unnecessarily everyone is entitled to their free will. It’s purported to be a free market economy in which the citizens of the world apparently exist, but yet the scales of socio-economic values are not even-keeled so to speak, and Africa for close to some millennia now has consistently been short-changed by global and internal parties’ vis a vis damaging rhetoric from imperialism, colonialism et al. So therefore it stands to reason African academics, elites, middle class, and the masses should be re inversing in the systems and structures here on the home ground these areas are the low hanging fruit aspects of socio-economic emancipation from the shackles of colonialism and imperial economic slavery via trade and legal structures. All aspects of our daily existence require a disruptive re-tuning and research seeing as it’s clear western history and the dynamics are extremely one-sided and still unfair to African case in point France and its colonies and the recent discourse and effects spearheaded by (Female President?) we must continue to up this ante. This center and its associates aim to galvanize a re-evolution of the African consciousness that will truly take root in the hearts and minds of the average African – Nigerian and indigene of color who exists in diaspora simultaneously. If I can take such risks I believe other African – Nigerian billionaires, elites, millionaires, corporates, SMEs, and well-meaning government officials can follow suit where our great elders and leaders So there we have it great elders, African stakeholders of the past and future and ladies and gentlemen. I do hope to get your support on this and myself and associates making all of this come to life greatly appreciate your comments. Contributions, prayers, and well-wishing. African quote “If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go further we go together” and I’m sure many Africans – Nigerians across the globe and at home will agree the time is now. Blessings – Ase – Namaste etc. etc. (blessed greetings)


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